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Can you balance the council's budget?


Thank you for your interest in trying to balance the council's budget. 

Our simulator is now closed for 2018 and we are assessing all the responses. Please visit for more information and to see the results in early 2019.

Since 2010, as a Council, we have had to reduce our budgets by more than £184 million, which means for every pound we spent in 2010, we will have only 60 pence to spend in 2020, and there are more reductions from central government to come.

Many of the difficult choices we have made in reducing services have been those which impact our residents the least. Our challenge going forward is to ensure we can still protect our most vulnerable communities and groups, invest in our priorities, and improve our towns and village centres to strengthen a sense of pride and belonging.

Future funding patterns are uncertain – changes to business rates and reductions in government grant, as well as the uncertainty of Brexit, mean long term planning is more difficult. That is why this year we are not choosing to consult at this stage on a line by line list of service changes. Instead, we will ask people and businesses to describe their priorities for spending the money we have available.

Working closely with partners, we will spend what money we do have where it makes a positive difference; we must ensure we protect our most vulnerable whilst aiming to equip people to remain independent and in control of their lives and choices. This will help to build strong, resilient communities; supported by an investment budget which aims to build vibrant towns and villages across our borough.