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Can you balance the council's budget?


Thank you for your interest in trying to balance the council's budget. 

Our simulator is now closed for 2017 and we are assessing all the responses. Please visit for more information and to see the results in early 2018.

The Council’s budget gap for 2019 to 2021 – (that is the difference between our spending plans and our funding for 2019-21) -  is forecast to be £16m.

In order to set a legal budget, we have to balance the books and eliminate the £16m budget gap.

Your budget challenge is to balance the books by eliminating the £16 million budget gap. You can do this by moving the "sliders" which sit alongside each of our key service areas. You can only submit your budget when you have met the budget challenge.

Each choice you make has consequences. The budget gap will decrease or increase depending on the choices you make.  You will also find information about the service impact for every choice you make – and see how changing our budget would affect people across our community.

Please note: this exercise is for illustrative purposes, but it is designed to reflect the difficult choices Kirklees has to make to set a legal budget and ‘balance the books’.